ITTrendex company was officially founded in 2013 by a team of experienced software developers for Forex. Most in the team - it's programmers working in Forex and near Forex projects for many years. The main office is located in Kaliningrad, Russia.

In addition to a long time professional relationship, many of us learned in one or in parallel grades Baltic State Academy majoring Automated Information Processing and Management. That makes the team stronger and allows to achieve mutual understanding, helping to implement the work tasks quickly and efficiently.

For a long time we have been able to build a working system for the integrated service of large financial institutions, fully covering all aspects of IT, and provide all kinds of the most popular services in the Forex industry. We have chosen a course on Forex not by chance, it is a promising direction for the business, which require software innovations.

Most of our products are focused on Forex brokers, so here you can find ready-made plugins and tools for MetaTrader 4/5 trading platforms, websites for Forex trading, including Forex client's area. Also we develop the direction of binary options, which you can purchase by the White Label system. By purchasing our products you get an excellent opportunity to move forward in terms of technology, as well as the opportunity to become our partner, who has privileges such as discounts on software and services and get exclusive access to some of our services.

Our clients brokers grow, and we have established a system of coverage of trading operations that making possible for them to become a liquidity providers. Using our Bridge systems, you can reduce your risks by transferring transactions of your customers to a larger brokers.

Apart from the possibility to buy a software and web projects, you can contact us for services of optimization of your websites for clients and search engines, as well as the internet promotion through advertising. We have developed forums, training and analytical portals for our clients. For this, we are able to provide good advertising places for our partners.

It's so easy to work with us - we appreciate your time!

We are the team of experienced professionals:

  • Web application developers
  • Developers of system services
  • Developers of mobile apps
  • Product developers for MetaTrader 4/5 trading platforms
  • Testers
  • Creators of layouts websites of any complexity
  • Designers of mobile interfaces
  • Designers of static and dynamic banners
  • Designers of printed products
  • Masters of adaptive layout
  • Configuring of Win / Unix servers and server applications
  • Information security experts
  • Specialists on protection from network attacks
  • Experienced administrators of trading platforms
  • Specialists in virtual hosting
  • Experts in Internet advertising campaigns
  • Specialists on creation of highly effective landing pages
  • Specialists on email and sms newsletters
  • Administrators of media groups and official company pages in social networks
  • Experts in the ground offline marketing campaigns around the world
  • Specialists on optimization and promotion in Google / Yandex search engines
  • Site optimizers
  • Specialists on user friendly interfaces of applications
  • SEO-auditors and testers of sites

We are working on the B2B model. We follow the progress and use modern technology to make life easier for yourself and provide a quality service to the customer.

We are improving the world, making it more technological!