How to become a Forex broker?

It is better to earn money with your own company! You have means which are not active and do not bring profits? Make your money work for your Forex company! We can create fully complete brokerage company on turnkey basis for you!

5 reasons why you should become a Forex broker!

  • Forex is a higher-margin market where the investments can start bringing profits quickly.
  • There are the business models with minimal risks when you as a broker earn money not from the traders` losses but from the volume of their trading operations. The more your clients will trade – the bigger profit you will get from each trading transaction.
  • Acquisition of good partnership links around the world! There are the clients, willing to start working in your new company as representatives, in all the regions! Do not miss such an opportunity! Get profit from affiliate networks and offices!
  • Lots of trading tools and our experience will help you quickly achieve high position in this financial sphere, start competing with the leading brokers and minimize the payback time and the time of bringing your company to the profitability!
  • Do you have another profitable business? Give your free money an opportunity to bring more profit! Start up system of your new brokerage company has already been worked out for you and multiply put into practice. You do not have to see into all the details of this sphere on your own, we will answer all of your questions and launch your company at your earliest opportunity!

ITTrendex Company has experience in registration of Forex companies either within the jurisdiction requiring a license or in offshore. You will be able to provide traders with trading services, which is risk-free for you, passing the trading operations to higher liquidity provider and getting profit from trading volume or act as a market maker and have a potentially higher income.

But in order to become a Forex broker, it is not enough to have only registered artificial body. You will also need:

  • Trading platform (we recommend a well-known trading platform - MetaTrader 4)
  • Liquidity providers
  • Adjustment of trading platform and full automation of trading process
  • Sophisticated customer loyalty programs
  • Marketing preparation of new company and planning of advertizing budget
  • Website with information for a client
  • Forex client`s personal account where trader will be able to open the accounts and deposit/withdraw funds
  • Equipment for creation of the company's technical infrastructure: servers for sites, trading platforms, etc.
  • Registration of accounts in payment systems and opening of bank multicurrency accounts
  • Staff of technical support workers, system administrators, programmers and trainers for creation of a local specialist staff at the place of company`s physical office
  • Legal counseling on a juridical component of company`s development strategy
  • Financial data reporting

We will do all of this for you and provide your company with full package of services! Our services will cost 1M USD in the form of a single payment and 50.000 USD per month for the full service.

Why does it cost 1M USD?

Forex is a profitable but expensive business. And if handled properly, it requires significant investments in order to expand the company within a reasonable time and to accelerate the promotion of a new brand. We will use 1M USD for building a working system of the company, purchasing the necessary equipment, engaging the right people, advertising budget and payment for our products and services.

You need to make the following monthly payments for the service to receive the technical service, client support and the consultation services. At the conclusion of contract for company creation, the technical service is included as a mandatory service for a period of minimum 1 year.

How much time is required to launch the company?

From 6 to 12 month. The preliminary approval of the company's development strategy, its registration, obtaining necessary documents and opening bank accounts take most of the time. In the case of getting a license and studying the legislation of a state and the specifics of government authorities, regulating Forex, the start of the company may take about 12 months.

What will you get within 6 months?

  • Properly registered company with documents, banking accounts and accounts in the most popular payment services
  • Registered trademark
  • Quality brand book
  • Trading platform MetaTrader 4/5, cTrader (optional)
  • Modern website of the company and Forex client personal account geared towards the mobile devices
  • Customized advertising campaigns and detailed marketing budget
  • Customized equipment and software for all structures of your company
  • Staff for ensuring smooth operation of the company or client service
  • Quality liquidity providers
  • Analysis from financial market experts that allows traders to make more confident decisions on trading transactions
  • System of company condition analysis and financial data reporting
  • Assurance that you have made a right choice, relying on ITTrendex Company, to acquisit a strong position of financial independence!

Do not miss an opportunity to get profit from your investments in your new Company!

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