Forex analytics from Claws & Horns - the choice of leaders!

It makes no sense to talk about the importance of analytics and forecasting for profitable trading on Forex. It is an instrument of paramount importance, which uses absolutely anyone pertaining to trade in the foreign exchange market.

It is for this reason that the quality of analytical data is the most important factor for successful trading. Independent company Claws & Horns knows how to provide brokerage firms most actual and accurate analysis. Using advanced technology and top-notch professionals bringing companies Claws & Horns on a leadership position in this area.

The company provides its customers with the most complete analytical base. This allows brokers to present full information for traders to trade successfully, that increases the number of successful transactions in the Forex market and the potential to attract customers. Accuracy of trading signals from Claws & Horns is about 88.5%, and the average monthly income is about 600 points. As a client, you get a high-quality support and growth of capital through the expansion of the service sector.

All kinds of analysis

Claws & Horns company provides technical, fundamental, wave analysis and review of macroeconomic indicators. According to each type of analysis, the maximum number of tools are used to create the most extensive forecast of exchange rates. Apart from the main analysis, the company's specialists always provide an alternative version of the script that allows you to keep your finger on the pulse and instantly react on signals. For each forecast analysts always give recommendations to open the desired transaction and the potential size of Take Profit and Stop Loss.

In providing technical and fundamental analysis of the market it shows all current support and resistance levels to provide the most accurate picture of a possible price movement. Looking through the analytical information for each currency pair, each trader will receive a summary of the formation of market trends that occur in different time periods.

To provide the most accurate and reasonable forecasts there are used ten different indicators for the most popular assets. Also, the analyst from Claws & Horns gives signals in four timeframes simultaneously.

Convenience and ease of use

Analytics from Claws & Horns is available for the most liquid currency pairs, it is available in nine languages of the world, which is very convenient for international brokerage firms. For each currency pair there is an ability to view price movement throughout the week, as well as in the last period, which will help to provide the most complete picture of the behavior of the exchange rate.

The interface was created for pure convenience for the user, so it takes just seconds to find necessary information. Analysts everyday release publications of the materials for a timely response to traders the information provided. Due to the simplicity and functionality of analysts Claws & Horns, even a novice trader who only learns to work in the Forex market, will be able to easily obtain analytical information for successful trading. Using advanced technology, as well as the quality of the company allows the server to provide smooth operation and instant response for 24 hours a day.

Trading signals

In the analytical basis provided by Claws & Horns presents the complete information on the current signals to enter the market throughout each day. This allows the trader to trade with high accuracy, and to use all possible entry points.

Trading signals for all popular currency pairs are using ten different instruments. On their basis the overall outlook is forming for the trader, which recommends the direction of opening of the order in a given period, taking into account further developments on a particular currency pair. This forecast is available in four timeframes, from 30 minutes up to a day. In addition to entry points, the exit points are also shown for each asset.

Thanks to its simple and informative supply of unique trading signals during the day, client can trade on the medium-term strategy with a high accuracy of closing deals, which will make a profit even novice traders who only develops the market. For traders who can be called "pro" in the business, such as the supply of trading signals will be relevant and will help to further confirmation of their current forecasts or prevent unwanted actions.

Economic calendar

Despite the fact that the economic calendar is used almost everywhere and they can be very few people surprise, the company Claws & Horns has brought a new quality to use this tool. As comfortable as possible information is provided in a convenient form and captures a large number of different events for each of the countries. Anything that affects the possible price change can be seen in the calendar from Claws & Horns.

In addition to the quality of forecasts drawn up for each event in the calendar, you can see statistics for each previous value over the past years, which allows to perform more qualitative forecasts and use them in their work. Thanks to a convenient form the economic calendar, the trader will always be up to date with events taking place today, tomorrow and throughout the week.

Video reviews from Claws & Horns

In the analytical area of Claws & Horns there are available weekly video reviews that can help in predicting of a long-term trade. The reviews are affected the most liquid currency pairs. Video podcasts are also available in different languages and are suitable for use by international brokerage companies. Professional analytical information allows traders to be aware of any trends, which are formed in the Forex market, as well as to efficiently use the full potential of the trend of trade.

Videos are one of the most convenient forms of interactive flow of information, which allows to provide the maximum volume of analysis in the shortest time. Also video tutorials are an essential tool in the development of the market and allow a better understanding of the causes of price movements.

Direct chat with analysts of Claws & Horns

One of the highlights of using the analytical cabinet is direct connectivity with analysts the company. This function is also available in different languages. In the chat you can view all the existing questions from users and the answers to them.

Direct communication with analysts of the company opens up completely new opportunities in trading and allows traders to get the most accurate and interesting information from the professionals. This form of support is indispensable in trade and provides brokers with plenty of successful traders that promotes the growth of assets.

Prices for services of Claws & Horns

The Claws & Horns analytics company offers its services in two different packages with different functionality, which provide quite flexible possibilities.

  • The Standard package has the mininam price in amount of 2500$. By the functionality it meets the other two packages, except for certain features. In this package the analitycs is available only in Russian and English languages, as well as missing the following features: chat with the analyst, video reviews, news on the MetaTrader 5 platform and branding of mobile applications. All other features are included in this package, including the viewing of trading signals, fundamental, technical and wave types of analysis, as well as indicator's signals and review of macroeconomic indicators.
  • Premium package includes a full range of services the Claws & Horns company and has a cost of 4500$. Analytics is available in nine languages, and also includes the possibility of a chat with analysts. It is worth noting the possibility of branding cabinet and mobile apps that will allow the brokerage company not only receive quality analysis from a reputable company, but also to give the analytics cabinet a broker's naming. This package will be most beneficial to those brokers who value their reputation, and also want to give the company's customers the best possible analytical base and a comfortable environment.

By purchasing Premium package for you also the mobile applications for iOS and Andorid will be branded.

Claws & Horns is an analytical company that managed to gain a name for itself in no time. It's became possible due to the professionalism of analysts, competent management and the usage of advanced technologies. The company's specialists have focused on a regular hard work to the widest possible market analysis rather than collecting information from third-party resources.

In the face of Claws & Horns you get no intermediary that provides analytical information from other sources, but the company of professionals who will become a reliable support in the development of your business.

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