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Web server for working with MetaTrader 5

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Version: 1.0

Release date: 2012-01-01

Developer: ITTrendex, LLC

Web server that enables interaction between the client site and MetaTrader 5 trading platform

2000 USD

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Available for downloading

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Detailed description


You only need to make sure that your site server supports the SOAP module. The module is required for working with our web service. Then you embed a code for operating the MT5 server into your site and we install the MT5 SOAP Server onto your server. The MT5 SOAP Server has a number of functions to work with MetaTrader 5, which you can use right on your site.

Using API functions of this web server, you can

  • Open a trading account
  • Receive and modify information concerning the trading account
  • Conduct balance and credit operations
  • Change email, leverage, group, trader's and investor's password
  • Receive information on open trades, trading history, and bars history
  • Send platform mail
  • Make transfers between accounts

More details about functions can be found by link

You can start working with Web server MT5 after the entire buying (expensive) or by subscription (cheaper):

- Buying MT5 SOAP Server you get a whole set of programs without source code, which you install on your servers. Advice on the use and installation service is free of charge. This type of purchase is not intended for further platform updates.

- In the case of subscription, you get 1 month free trial access to the web service with post-paid in the amount of USD 100 per month for access to the service from a single IP address. When you subscribe, you do not need to install anything, the service itself is hosted on our servers and is updated regularly.


Used components:

OS Windows, Apache 2.2, Apache mod_gsoap, MT5 Manager API, MetaTrader 5 Server


You will be provided with:

Configured web-server, SOAP MT5 library without source code, php source code for operating the MT5 SOAP Server (through Zend SOAP Client) and API functions interface descriptor.