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Products - MT4 Plugins


ID 116

Category: Products - MT4 Plugins


Release date: 2014-09-11

Developer: ITTrendex, LLC

Last update date: 2017-11-27
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MetaTrader 4 plugin used for limitation and filtration of connections to the trading server due to the types of connection and IP addresses

200 USD

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The safety of trading servers is a very priority-oriented factor for the Forex brokers. In addition to inboard firewalls and other programming solutions, there is a possibility to limit any type of connection to the MetaTrader 4 server for the client trading, manager and administrator accounts.

It is relevant to the large companies with a great number of managers and offices where a privileged access from a subnet with multiple IP addresses may be necessary.

Especially for this purpose the IpFilterMgr plug-in has been developed. It allows adjusting the access from the certain IP addresses for the following types of connections to MT4:

Type code Connection type
CL Client
MO Mobile
MU Multi
DC DataCenter
AD Administrator
MG Manager
MA Manager API
WD WatchDog
PH Phone
IP iPhone
AN Android




LOGIN_LIST – list of logins and ranges separated by commas (for example, «100,200,1000-10000,15000,20000, 500-800»).

IP_FILTER – text filter for IP (IP, given to MT when connecting to the server, is used textually for the checking operation).

Data type: string
Default value: setting is added manually
Value example: AD:123,100,550-560:


Used components:

MetaTrader 4 Server API, MetaTrader 4 Server, OS Windows


After purchase you will receive:

Compiled plugin without source codes with configuration file

If you are interested in this product, feel free to order a DEMO version! Within a short time all the information about the product will be sent to your Email.
Free period 2 weeks without limits in functionality and other limits. For the demo you need to pass the registration!

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