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Release date: 2014-09-01

Developer: ITTrendex, LLC

Last update date: 2017-11-27
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Plugin for blocking non-activated demo accounts at the opening via the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal

300 USD

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MetaTrader 4 plug-in which is designed to block demo-accounts at length after its creation at the trading terminal, force the user to register the client profile at Forex Broker.

Does any user can open demo-accounts with the help of the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal of your company? If “yes”, you need this plug-in. DemoLeadsMgr plug-in will be of service to those companies which let the users of the site open accounts straight at the trading terminal without any restrictions or plan to purchase the demo-lead service packages from MetaQuotes. Demo-leads are considered to be those clients who have opened the trading account (demo-account) in the trading terminal of the company (or in the MetaQuotes general terminal after the purchase of demo-leads package) without registering the client profile in your company. These clients usually leave invalid data in the account information, therefore it is impossible to contact them and offer your services. How to make the client give his real data to the company – to make him register on the site!

In order to stimulate the user to register the client profile with its further processing by the salesmen, this plug-in blocks trading on the account if the account has not been activated within a given period (a period is specified with the setting) after opening the demo-account. At the stage of the trading account creation when the client enters his personal data, the accuracy of E-mail address is checked according to the base of e-mail servers containing the addresses of 6800 e-mail services. The client will not be able to open an account if he enters “abracadabra” as his E-mail address. After the initial check the server creates a new account for the client. Immediately after opening an account, the letter is sent to the client`s terminal warning that his account will be blocked if the client has not activated it. Also there is an instruction on account activation in the letter. The "SENT" value is set in the account status.

In order to activate his account, the client should register and the broker managers should change the status: from "SENT" to "ACTIVE". To fully automate the procedure, the special link is generated in the template of terminal letter. After the client has followed this link and registered, his demo-account is immediately activated (the status is changed to "ACTIVE").

The result of this plug-in work will be the increased quantity of clients and, consequently, the increased income of the company.



Master Password – master-password for execution of account activation commands via Telnet. In order to activate an account, you need to pass on the command ERC_TELNET_DLM_ACTIVATE and the parameter "LOGIN=" with a login number of the account which needs to be activated.

Data type: string
Default value: password
Value example: qwerty123

Master Password – IP allowed for Telnet-commands. This can be IP address of the server which sends commands for activation of the trading account.

Data type: string
Default value:
Value example:

Filter_Group – filter for groups which will be processed with the plug-in.

Data type: string
Default value: demo* (all the groups that start with "demo")
Value example: ,demoUSD,demogroup*,

Filter_DemoLeadsComment – filter for the account comment. The plug-in will process only those accounts, the comment of which corresponds to the given setting. The comment is checked due to the mask from the given setting or the full correspondence.

Data type: string
Default value: *Meta*Quotes* (all the accounts, which have the words "Meta" and "Quotes" in the comment, are under the fetch)
Value example: ,DemoAccount,DemoComment*

Mail_Template – file path to the letter template containing the whole information on the account activation. The letter template should be in the "templates" folder of the trading server. If there is a blank value, the terminal letter will not be sent to the trading account after its creation.

Data type: string
Default value: DLM_Verification.html
Value example: DLM_Verification.html

Mail_Sender – login of letter sender. If it is 0, the terminal letter will not be sent to the trading account after its creation.

Data type: numeric
Default value: 0
Value example: 111 (manager-sender' s login)

Mail_From – address of letter sender

Data type: string
Default value: Demo Leads Manager
Value example: Demo activation

Mail_Subject – letter subject

Data type: string
Default value: Demo Leads Verification
Value example: Activation

MaxDemoLeadPeriodMins – the number of minutes, after which the account will be blocked. If it is 0, the account will be blocked immediately after its creation.

Data type: string
Default value: 60
Value example: 120

LogExtCmdErrors – flag activating the logging of external commands activating the trading accounts, which have been sent via Telnet. If it is 1, the logging is enabled and will be written to the file logs/DemoLeadsMgr.log.

Data type: numeric
Default value: 1
Value example: 0

ValidMailDomainsListPath – file path with the addresses of e-mail server. The plug-in checks the accuracy of the E-mail address data entered by the client when opening an account.

Data type: string
Default value: ValidMailDomainsList.ini (the file is in the root folder of the trading server)
Value example: C:\\ValidMailDomainsList.ini


Used components:

MetaTrader 4 Server API, MetaTrader 4 Server, OS Windows


After purchase you will receive:

Compiled plug-in without cources codes with configuration file amd file ValidMailDomainsList.ini with base of mail servers.


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Free period 2 weeks without limits in functionality and other limits. For the demo you need to pass the registration!