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Month-long maintenance of web application

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Subscription on maintenance of web applications (website)

2500 USD/month

Product type:
By request

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Detailed description


Afford professionals an opportunity to develop and improve your Web service!

The monthly service of web application includes the following set of services:

  • Improvement of your own web project (website), including the work of designers;
  • If you have purchased our web application, we will provide you with the resources of programmers, designers and system administrators for your project development;
  • Development of new functional for the application;
  • Integration of payment systems;
  • Adjustment of data export and import in CRM;
  • Inspection of web application for holes;
  • Documenting of developed functional;
  • Provision of recommendations for service improvement.

We are very interested in functional efficiency of the serviced product, so we try to provide recommendations on its improvement at all stages of web application development.

What will you get as a result of co-operation?

  • Highly experienced specialists labor at your web project, so there is no need to take on your own staff;
  • We will train your employees to work with the website functional;
  • Support, recommendations and guidelines on the project;
  • Appropriate goal setting for all categories of specialists in accordance with your requests.

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