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Service of system administration

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Remote system administration service for your Company

2500 USD/month

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Service of system administration includes such services as:

  • Administration of servers running on the base of Unix-systems and Windows Server: analysis of system logs for identifying of potential problems with the operating systems, implementation and integration of monitoring systems of the state of server hardware and software, installation of operating system updates and software, corrections and changes of the configuration, tuning and optimizing the performance of operating systems and individual services.
  • Database administration: backup configurations, replication and scaling, the adoption of measures on conservation of data integrity and improvement of the productivity of database management systems.
  • Network administration: maintenance of the network infrastructure of your company, including the setting of switches and routers, diagnosing of problems with network equipment, configuration of the internet backup channels.
  • Security auditing: network security, including access control to network resources.
  • Administration of web services: set-up and optimization of web servers, including the management of virtual hosts, security audit of code of web projects, the setting of DNS servers.
  • Setting and maintenance of virtualization systems VMware vSphere and AWS cloud services, the creation of automated control systems VPS.
  • Setting and maintaining of trading platforms: installing of the server part of, configuration of data centers and backup data. As well as setting of managers accounts and tuning of plug-ins.
  • Configuration of mail servers on the base of Postfix and iRedMail, increasing the trust of the e-mail messages, setting up of anti-spam filters.

And much more.