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Forex client's area (Trader's cabinet)

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Release date: 2012-01-01

Developer: ITTrendex, LLC

Secure area for traders, partners and managers

35000 USD

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Detailed description


The Forex broker client area is a secure site where a client can open trading accounts, load and withdraw money, participate in affiliate programs, manage traders' accounts or invest funds in experienced managers.

The client area includes a number of modules: for traders, for technical and client support, for finance department, regional managers, regional representatives, and partners.

The client area is made up of several components:

Affiliate-panel – a section intended for partners and affiliate programs.

Exchanger-panel – a panel enabling partners to top up client accounts through payment systems with the option of local deposit and withdrawal.

Partners-panel – a panel for regional representatives (IB) with the option of local deposit and withdrawal.

Profile – a section for traders.

Manage-panel – a panel intended for managers for working with clients.

Translate – a panel for translating all the components of the client area into other languages.

Ideas – a client service for submitting ideas.


Affiliate-panel – a separate section of the client area developed for partners and allowing them to

  • receive multilevel affiliate commission
  • set up promotion campaigns
  • participate in the following affiliate programs:
    • CPS (Cost Per Sale) is an affiliate program targeted to increase activity of the referrals.

      Key benefits:

      1. By creating a CPS-campaign, LiteForex’s partner ensures that he/she will receive one of the highest partner’s fees, provided that all terms and conditions of the campaign are fulfilled. ($50 per each client).
      2. Fee in the amount of 10% of the sub-partner’s profit. This is applicable to all affiliate programs of LiteForex.
      3. As soon as a referral has conducted 50 transactions, a fee of $50 is automatically deposited in the account of a CPS-partner.
      4. A trader just needs to click on the referral link, go the official website of LiteForex, create his/her profile and open an account with a deposit of $100 or more.
    • СPL (Cost Per Lead) is an affiliate program aimed at attracting new clients. The specialty of this program is an instant accrual of fees. Now LiteForex’s partner can in the shortest time receive commission fee from a referral, as well as 10% of profit of a sub-partner. Therefore, CPL partner is encouraged to promote LiteForex more actively, as he/she will immediately feel the effect of the implemented work. A potential client just needs to click on the referral link, go to the official website of LiteForex, and register. Following the official approval of the Company’s Manager, commission fee in the amount, specified by the Partner’s Agreement, will be deposited in the account of CPL-partner.

    • The «Rebate» program attracts enormous number of LiteForex’s clients as it is a sound way to make large profit and what is more important - to earn regular income. This program is also implemented in the form of campaign. Many LiteForex’s clients prefer this program because it is simple and easily accessible. Partners receive the highest commission in the market: up to two points ($20 per a standard lot) per each transaction conducted by a referral and 10% of the profit of its sub-partner. An attracted client just needs to click on the referral link, visit the official website of LiteForex, register a personal profile and start trading in the financial market.

      Key benefits:

      1. High yield
      2. Regular income
      3. Simplicity
      4. Accessibility
      5. Multilevel
      6. Automatic accrual of fees
      7. Highest commission fees in the market

      Additional advantages:

      The campaign «Rebate» is a multilevel program, which allows a partner to receive fees not only for the activity of his/her referrals but also for the activity of the referrals and partners of his/her sub-partner. Moreover, fees are paid automatically and the money can always be withdrawn or viewed in campaign statistics.

    • PAMM – is a unique system of trust management. This program is the preference of the most professional traders in the Forex market. Incredible popularity of this type of investment is based on the fact that a partner who promotes PAMM receives the fee provided by the Company, as well as the fee provided by the Manager.

      Key benefits:

      1. PAMM-partner is entitled to two fees: commission fee of not less than 10% of the profit of the PAMM Manager accrued for attraction of a client, and 10% of the profit of a sub-partner.
      2. When a PAMM-partner decides to participate in promotion campaign, he/she has to select a PAMM account, which he/she is going to use.
      3. LiteForex provides each PAMM partner with a wide choice of free promotion instruments (banners, informers, business cards, teasers, etc.), which can make a partner’s work much easier.

      Additional advantages:

      An automatic system of fees accrual as well as statistical record of attracted clients enables a PAMM partner to avoid the complexity of elaborating heavy calculations.

      Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that promotion of PAMM projects is performed in the most efficient and easiest way for both our partners and ourselves.

    • IB (introducing broker) - a partner working with clients from a specific region or country.

    • White Label - a special kind of affiliate cooperation when specific groups of clients are allocated to the partner with a further possibility of working on a forex broker's trading servers under his own brand. In this case, the partner's clients may not be aware of his affiliation to a broker providing the partner with the trading platform.

  • track efficiency of marketing campaigns (detailed statistics)
  • use ready-made materials for bringing in new clients and increasing revenue
  • participate in affiliate contests
  • pay back a part of affiliate commission to a client for attracting more clients.
  • withdraw the received commission through Bank Wire Transfer, WebMoney, Skrill, OKpay, or LiqPay.

Exchanger-panel is a section of the client area dedicated to regional representatives and allowing them to

  1. top up client accounts directly through payment systems
  2. withdraw funds from client accounts through one of the following payment systems: WebMoney, Skrill, OKpay, PerfectMoney, LiqPay, or CashU

Manage-panel is a section of the client area dedicated to managers and allowing them to

  1. track new client registrations
  2. edit and verify clients
  3. process downloaded digital copies of documents
  4. open verified OKpay accounts for clients
  5. detect cheaters
  6. detect clients opening several profiles
  7. track efficiency of managers' work
  8. provide technical support
  9. track and react to clients' ideas
  10. monitor and process applications for the VPS service
  11. work with a client's trading accounts and collect related statistics
  12. detect accounts with low margin
  13. work with MayzusFS, Payoneer, Freedom, Scratch cards
  14. work with investment accounts and collect related statistics
  15. make payments, grant credits or withdraw funds from the account
  16. make transfers between client accounts
  17. pay bonuses for making a deposit in the account
  18. track insured deposits
  19. track donations
  20. collect information for rewarding partners
  21. collect information related to partners
  22. track auto-referrals
  23. collect trading statistics for dealers
  24. collect registration statistics
  25. collect bonus statistics
  26. collect financial statistics
  27. collect statistics related to regional managers
  28. collect statistics related to the company's funds flow
  29. get information on logs of all components of the client area
  30. export client data for mass mailing
  31. control managers' profiles and delimit their rights

Partners-panel is a section of the client area dedicated to regional representatives and highly valued partners allowing them to

  1. top up a client trading account using a partner's account
  2. withdraw funds from a client trading account to a partner's account for a subsequent transfer to a client's e-wallet using the most convenient method
  3. configure settings of a partner's bank accounts in local deposit forms
  4. customize notifications of a client's requests to make a deposit or withdraw funds from his trading account with a subsequent mutual settlement of accounts

Translate – is a section of the client area dedicated to translators and allowing to

  1. translate all key phrases of all components of the client area into preset languages
  2. track untranslated phrases for increasing the efficiency of translators’ work
  3. hide key phrases and delimit translators' rights

Profile – is a section of the client area dedicated to traders and allowing to

  1. register a new profile
  2. open training accounts
  3. participate in contests developed for training accounts
  4. open classic trading accounts
  5. open cent trading accounts
  6. open segregated trading accounts
  7. open STP accounts
  8. open ECN accounts "cTrader"
  9. open swap-free trading accounts
  10. open manager's investment accounts
  11. invest in a manager's accounts
  12. invest in investment portfolios
  13. open investment demo accounts
  14. take part in ForexCopy in the terminal Sirix WebTrader from Leverate
  15. make deposits in trading accounts
  16. make local deposits (refers to the clients residing in the regions covered by a network of regional offices)
  17. provide loans of up to 100% of a deposit amount
  18. transfer bonuses from an independent forum Forexpeoples to a dedicated account for further investing in PAMM projects
  19. make withdrawals from trading accounts
  20. make transfers between trading accounts
  21. insure deposits
  22. receive bonuses for deposits
  23. upload documents for verification
  24. contact technical support service fo competent help
  25. register for affiliate programs
  26. take part in affiliate contests
  27. track affiliate commission from referral accounts
  28. use advertising materials with an embedded referral link for attracting new clients
  29. make donations
  30. monitor and manage their trading and investment accounts
  31. receive detailed trading statistics
  32. order and pay for the VPS service using a trading account or payment systems
  33. automatically withdraw funds from a trading account
  34. order brand debit cards through a financial service MayzusFS without having to open a bank account
  35. open and attach MayzusFS personal accounts
  36. order brand debit cards through Payoneer financial service
  37. receive analytical materials from Claws&Horns
  38. receive news from the trading platform
  39. confirm their profiles via their current verified account with OKpay
  40. open a verified account with OKpay when having a confirmed client profile
  41. use a coupon system
  42. use a system of scratch cards

Ideas is a section of the client area dedicated to clients and prospects and allowing them to

  1. express their wishes and ideas concerning the service
  2. comment on other ideas and advice
  3. discuss suggested ideas with a member of the client support service


The offer for Forex broker client's area can be downloaded here.


Components used:

nginx, php-fpm, imagemagick, php, mysql, OS CentOS/Linux/Ubuntu/FreeBSD


You will be provided with:

A source code of the web application with a database structure, application installation script and recommended settings of the web-server, mysql, and php.