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Release date: 2012-01-01

Developer: ITTrendex, LLC

The MT4 plugin that sets an expiry period of 120 days for all old pending orders in demo-accounts from the moment of opening a demo account, in case no expiry date has been preset before.

150 USD

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Demo servers always serve as a platform for active trading and testing one’s trading strategies. There’s often a situation when clients forget about their open trades and pending orders and stop using their demo accounts. To prevent such situations, there is a plug-in which checks the account lifespan and the period for which it has stood inactive.

The check concerns the accounts that have not been used for at least 30 days. If there are pending orders with no expiry date in such accounts, an expiry period of 120 days will be automatically set for such orders. Thus, these accounts will be automatically archived in some time and the load on the server will be decreased.



DemoGroups – a filter for groups to process


Components used:

MetaTrader4 Server, OS Windows


You will receive:

A compiled plug-in without source code with a configuration file

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