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Release date: 2012-01-01

Developer: ITTrendex, LLC

Last update date: 2017-11-27
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MetaTrader4 plug-in for exporting data on hedged orders to MySQL

750 USD

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The HedgeOrdersExport plug-in is intended for exporting and storing hedged orders in the MySQL database. The plug-in works jointly with the DataPosterSvc service that records the information exported by the plug-in in the database.

The information may be used for detecting traders who hedge their positions.



FilterGroup – filters groups for exporting information on hedged orders. The plug-in will process only the orders in the accounts whose group corresponds to the value of this setting.

Data type: string
Default value: HOE-* (all groups starting with "HDE" without quotation marks)
Value example: ,2P*,!GROUP-AB*,*USD*,*EUR*,*RUB*,

HedgeCheckPeriodMins – period of time (in minutes) for checking hedged orders. The plug-in will be checking open positions in the account for detecting hedging ones during this period. If HedgeCheckPeriodMins=10, the plug-in will check the account trading history in the last ten minutes following the opening of a trade. All trading orders meeting this period will be checked for hedging.

Data type: numeric
Default value: 0
Value example: 5

MinHedgeCoeff – the minimum hedge coefficient with which 2 orders will be considered as hedging (0 - the trade will be recorded in the database regardless of its volume if it is an inverse trade opened on the same instrument; 1 - fully hedged trade opened with the same volume; 0.01 - 0.99 - hedging by percentage ratio, if exceeds the value of the setting, then will be recorded in the database).

Data type: numeric
Default value: 0.0
Value example: 0.51

ExportDir – export directory. This directory will store the data for the service DataPosterSvc, that will import them to the MYSQL database.

Data type: string
Default value: c:\\data_export
Value example: c:\\hedged_positions\\data_export

LogExpData – activates the logging of exported information. If 1, the information will be logged in the "logs" folder of the plug-ins directory, the HedgeOrdersExport.log file. If 0, the plug-in activity will not be logged.

Data type: numeric
Default value: 0
Value example: 1


Components used:

Сервис DataPosterSvc, MetaTrader4 Server, OS Windows


After a purchase, you will receive:

A compiled plug-in without source code with a configuration file and the DataPosterSvc service.

If you are interested in this product, feel free to order a DEMO version! Within a short time all the information about the product will be sent to your Email.
Free period 2 weeks without limits in functionality and other limits. For the demo you need to pass the registration!

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