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ID 47

Category: Products - MT4 Plugins


Release date: 2013-06-11

Developer: ITTrendex, LLC

MetaTrader 4 plug-in used for ticks blocking and suppression of calculated quotes and spikes at counteragent`s rollover

200 USD

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As a result of the planned restart of MetaTrader 4trading server, the spikes can be formed after opening the trading session or on the news. In order to prevent the possible spikes, the plug-in blocks the quotes flow due to the specified interval.

Either all the trading symbols or the certain symbols set in the plug-in can be blocked. The time of quotes flow blocking is set with the time interval in the plug-in settings.



Period_* – filter map of symbols, which quotes should be blocked due to the time intervals of blocking (format: Period_04:35-04:36=*;Period_10:00-10:01=EUR*,USD*). If Period_04:35-04:36=*, all the quotes due to the specified period of server time from 04:35 to 04:36 will be blocked.

Data type: string
Default value: setting is added manually
Value example: ,USD*,EUR*,*RUB,GBPJPY,


Used components:

MetaTrader 4 Server, OS Windows


After purchase you will receive:

Compiled plugin without source codes with configuration file

If you are interested in this product, feel free to order a DEMO version! Within a short time all the information about the product will be sent to your Email.
Free period 2 weeks without limits in functionality and other limits. For the demo you need to pass the registration!

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