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Version: 3.5

Release date: 2012-01-01

Developer: ITTrendex, LLC

MetaTrader 4 service for exporting news from the trading server news feed to MySQL database

200 USD

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Available for downloading

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Detailed description


The service exports news from the platform to MySQL base for onward displaying on a site or storing a news history for other purposes. The following information on news is exported to the database: news release time, news title, category, language identifier, news body, and priority. The information is stored in "blob" format.



MTSrv – server IP address

MySQLSrv – MySQL server address

MySQLDB – MySQL server base

MySQLuser – MySQL user

MySQLpass – MySQL user's password

NewsTable – MySQL base table


Components used:

libMySQL, MT4 Manager API, XYNTService, MetaTrader 4 Server, OS Windows


After a purchase, you will receive:

A compiled service without source code with operation documentation. The libMySQL library, MT4 Manager API, and XYNTService (an utility for integrating any executed file into Windows Services) are also provided.