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Version: 1.2

Release date: 2012-01-01

Developer: ITTrendex, LLC

MetaTrader 4 utility is designed to monitor the quotes flow on trading server

250 USD

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Detailed description


Command-line tool makes it possible to monitor the quotes on the servers and to send notifications if it is impossible to connect to the server or there is a long-term absence of new quotes. If there are no quotes coming during the given time, the beeping is reproduced as a notification.

QuotesWatcher will help dealers and developers quickly respond to the failure in trading platform operation and assume measures to resume server performance.

Plug-in settings allow specifying a particular set of symbols, according to these symbols the monitoring of quotes flow and dead time, during which the notification should be made, is carried out.



Any number of configure files containing the following settings can be forwarded as parameters:

Name – MT4 server name

IP – MT4 server IP

Symbols – filter for symbols for monitoring

AlarmPeriodAllSymbols – interval prior to the notification in case there are no new quotes on any symbols

AlarmPeriodCustomSymbols – interval prior to the notification in case there are no new quotes on some symbols

SoundsEnabled – sound notification about disconnection from the server or total absence of quotes during the given period (Windows Audio service should be enabled to provide sound notification operation)


Used components:

MetaTrader4 Server, MT4 Manager API, OS Windows


After purchase you will receive:

The utility is available in compiled form without source code along with the documentation for operation. Also MT4 Manager API is appended to the utility.

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