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Service of temporary Email addresses

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Release date: 2012-01-01

Developer: ITTrendex, LLC

Service of instantly generated temporary Email addresses for a single or short-term use

1000 USD

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Sometimes it is necessary to test the registration form or register on any site and you do not want leave your permanent or corporate Email address. In such cases it is useful to have own system of generation of temporary Email addresses.

If you are using services of temporary Email addresses for some kind of corporate objectives, having of your own service will protect against possible data loss, as all correspondence to the temporary address will be stored on your own servers.

What you get using your own service of temporary Email addresses:

  • The ability to create a new E-mail address only for 1 second
  • The ability to export of the received correspondence from the temporary Email addresses into yours permanent address
  • The ability to prolong the lifetime of the temporary Email address if necessary
  • Competent web interface to receive correspondence
  • Saving energy and nerves to test the registration process on the sites for web developers
  • Monetizing the service by providing this service to another users
  • Preset and configure the service on your server
  • Update service with your subscription



nginx, php-fpm, imap, php, mysql, OS Cent OS/Linux/Ubuntu/FreeBSD


Order includes:

Source code of the Web application with the structure of the database. Recommended settings for a Web server, MySQL and PHP.

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