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Website or landing page design

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We offer services of designers for creation of websites and landing pages

30 USD/hour

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By request

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Detailed description


A website or a landing page will be designed according to your order and the cost will be calculated on an hourly pay basis. The hourly pay for website development is specified in the "Cost" field.

The service is ordered and performed as follows::

1. You add the service to your order.

2. You confirm the order of the service.

3. We receive your order and contact you by email or by phone to specify the task.

4. You describe the task and we define a number of working hours to be allocated to this task. If we come to agreement, we send you an invoice. The invoice will be sent by email. You will also be able to download it from the "Current orders" tab.

5. After we receive an invoice payment confirmation, we start to perform the service.

Please note: if performing a service should require more time than agreed upon earlier, you will not be charged extra money, as all extra work will be performed at our expense.

In case you should want to modify the initial requirements document after it has been confirmed, we should approve it again and we will send an additional invoice thereafter.