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Creation of White Label MetaTrader 4 Terminal from LiteForex

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Forex trading terminal (trading platform) is the main tool which is actively used by the stock jobber to carry out a merchandise transaction on the global market of currency conversion.

Moreover, without using the functional of trading terminal, the work on the modern Forex market is impossible. The terminal for the work on Forex is a computer program which provides the efficient information (data) exchange between the currency trader and his Forex broker. The Forex broker is the one who provides the private stock jobber with an opportunity to use the trading terminal, which is installed directly on stock jobber`s computer, in order to carry out the speculative trading on Forex on-line – via the Internet.

Forex broker provides the appropriate support of stock jobber`s terminal – either informational or technical – 24 hours a day. In other words, the trading terminal can be considered as the necessary means of electronic communications between broker and his remote client (private Forex trader). Forex brokers provide their clients with an opportunity to install and activate the trading terminal freely and at no expense – this terminal can be easily copied from the official website of the appropriate broker-provider.

The trading terminal allows the stock jobber to carry out the following procedures:
– visual display of information on the market situation in dynamics on the price chart;
– analysis and forecasting of the currency market dynamics with the help of the special indicators integrated into the program interface or developed independently in the software environment of the terminal by the trader;
– direct conducting transactions of currency exchange by virtue of setting and executing the appropriate trading orders;
– status accounting of stock jobber`s trading account (due to the interest-bearing result);
– financial statement of trading on each of transactions carried out by stock jobber;
– trader`s insight into the current news and other information that may be of practical value;
– development and operation of various means of automatic trading on Forex (trading adviser, scripts, indicators).

Probably, the trading terminal known as MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the most popular in Forex community. It is believed that this platform is the best for the efficient and convenient implementation of the tasks listed above.

The potential of MT4 is characterized by the following features, the value of which is extremely high for the speculative Forex trading carried out via the Internet (on-line):
– possibility of speculative trading with the significant range of financial instruments (currency pairs, CFD contracts);
– several ways available for execution of the trading orders set by the stock jobber («immediate execution», «quotes demand execution», «market price execution»);
– high protection level of merchandise transactions carried out by trader;
– possibility of forming and displaying the different price charts in unlimited quantities (for a variety of financial instruments and timeframes);
– function of changing the timeframe and the scales for display of the price chart by the trader;
– availability of a significant set of integrated software tools for the market analysis;
– availability of the fully customized and ready-to-use instruments of automatic trading («experts») and the interesting opportunities for self-dependant development of such instruments with the special programming language;
– ability to export data in accordance with the DDE protocol;
– use of sound signals to alert the trader of significant events (news), which are taking place on Forex, and the system warnings;
– significant range of languages in the terminal;
– possibility of printing out the price charts.

So what conditions White Label MetaTrader 4 Terminal do we offer to introducing brokers (IB) and agents? When ordering, you receive a separate terminal under its own name instead of MetaTrader 4 with your logo and the name of your company.

When purchasing White Label MetaTrader 4 terminal from LiteForex (one of our partners), your clients receive an opportunity to trade on 5 MetaTrader 4 servers, including Demo-server, server with classical conditions, server with cent accounts, server without dealing and overlap.

There is an opportunity to provide the clients with trading on 3 or 5-digit symbols with the following order execution types: Instant Execution and Market Execution.

To create a WhiteLabel of MetaTrader 4 trading terminal may require the following documents:

  • Certificate Of Incorporation
  • Memorandum And Articles Of Association
  • Certificate of Good Standing (if company was incorporated more than 12 months ago)
  • Certificate Of Registered Address
  • Certificate Of Directors And Secretaries (accompanied by valid passport scans (certified))
  • Certificate Of Registered Shareholders (accompanied by valid passport scans (certified))
  • Domain ownership confirmation (invoice, lease agreement, confirmation from the domain registrar)
  • Filled and signed copy of the Application Form

Document names may be different, the main thing that the documents were relevant, contain the necessary information and were issued or certified by the appropriate agency or legal organization.