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Release date: 2013-05-01

Developer: ITTrendex, LLC

MetaTrader 5 plugin for calculating affiliate commissions

1000 USD

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This MetaTrader 5 plugin was developed for the calculation of the single-level affiliate commissions. Charge a fee size is measured in points and can be set by account color or by different coefficients.

Plugin allows to adjust the accrual affiliate commission by countries, groups of agent accounts, as well as for agent ID. Also it has the option to exclude partnership accounts from affiliates calculations.

Depending on the color of the agency or a referral account affiliate commission can be corrected in the plugin settings. Affiliate commission automatically calculates after closing a referral positions.

The plugin provides additional logging setting of accrual affiliate commission into a log file.



Filter_Groups – the filter of referrals accounts groups

Filter_GroupsAgent – the filter of commission processing by gorup of agent's account

Filter_IdAgent – he filter of commission processing by ID of agent's account

AgentPeriodDays – number of days of activity of the agent after registration

ColorUser_* – he map of coefficients for colors of referral accounts (format is: ColorUser_bbggrr=CoefficientValue)

ColorAgent_* – the map of coefficients for colors of agent accounts (format is: ColorAgent_bbggrr=CoefficientValue)

FilterSkip_Login – the filter of commission calculation by referral's trading account

RegComm_FilterCountry – the filter by country of referral account for coefficient by registration date

RegComm_RegDate – start date of usage of coefficient by registration date

RegComm_Coeff – coefficient by registration date

LogCommissions – the flag of activation of affiliate commission logging



MetaTrader 5 Server, OS Windows


Order includes:

Compiled plugin with configuration file without source codes

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