Product return policy

The rules described below for the process of buying and returning of software online on and its subdomains. Please be adviced to read this document carefully as it describes the client's rights when buying software or the maintenance and other services. Consent of the client to issue the order confirms acceptance of these rules.

General provisions

If a customer is not satisfied with the purchase of software or provided service, he has the right to return the money back to the basis of the conditions described below. But we hope that the refund can be avoided if the customer will contact our specialists who can assist through forms of address or contact details provided in contacts section.

Conditions of return

Name of product or service Conditions of return
MetaTrader 4,5 plugins
Web applications
The client, in this case - you have the right to ask for and receive the money spent on the purchase of the software within 14 days of payment.
Refunds can not be made after the expiration of the two-week period a refund.
Return of the money can be made for the licenses purchased online on or it's subdomains, except for the licenses acquired in illegal way.
If you own more than one license for the same software product, a refund will not be implemented.
You can get the money back only once. If you buy another license of the same product later, the refund for the license can not be implemented. Refunds can not be made for software purchased with a discount.
Maintenance service
Maintenance costs will be refunded in full in the following cases:
1. The company's specialists of ITTrendex not started work on server maintenance or provision of technical advice to the receipt of a request for a refund.
2. The hardware provided for technical work equipment does not meet the customer's system requirements needed to run the software.

The cost of the service provided can not be returned after it has been granted in part or in full.

Refund procedure

Requests for refunds must be sent to the e-mail address Requests made by any other ways will not be processed and will not be considered.
The application is processed within three (3) working days, and the decision of the refund shall be made within two (2) working days.
If a refund is made, then ITTrendex stops work on the provision of services for which the funds were reimbursed, as in the case of a refund for the software license keys will be deactivated, and the customer must completely uninstall the software for which the license was issued, including all its component parts. The software can not be used until purchase of a new license.