Binary options
trading service

We created our own binary options trading service:

  • Complete binary option trading service
  • High/Low options type
  • One Touch options type
  • No Touch options type
  • In Range options type
  • Out Range options type
  • 60 seconds options
  • Demo accounts available
  • Affiliate programs
  • Creation of White Label
  • Dealing service for binary options trading
  • Risk management system
  • CRM system
  • Multilingual

Modern service that provides the opportunity to trade a binary options was created by experienced traders and programmers of ITTrendex, which made the trading process as convenient as possible. The web interface does not contain anything superfluous and understandable even to regular users. All relevant information is available to the visitor from the main page.

Client's area

To get started client has to register a trader's profile. Account opening process is very fast and requires a minimum of data. Registration information will be sent to client's email. Client can start trading after making a deposit on his account. The service uses a unique web-based platform, which is available immediately after opening an account. Novice trader who wants to test the trading strategy may use the services of a demo account.

When editing a profile in order to ensure the safety of service requests to establish a secret key that is known only to the account holder. It is used when restoring access to the trading account and other cases that require the identification of the owner of the profile. Also in client's account it is possible to update profile account data, withdraw money or to get help on any issue via online chat, forum, e-mail address. Also, the client can use the list of the most common questions and answers.

Trading platform

Trading transactions is simple, clear and does not require the user to download and install the software. The interface of trading platfom is professionally optimized and has only the most necessary and popular elements. Option trades are opeing very quickly, even with a large number of simultaneous customer's connections to the service.

Trading platform makes it easy to choose a trading instrument. The platform supports trading on currency pairs, contracts CFD, futures, indices. Due to high quality web interface, change the working tool is very convenient. The service offers the client to keep a deposit of three major currencies to choose from: in rubles, euros or dollars. All trading operations are carried out in a secure area of ​​the site. The main advantage of modern web terminal are clearly defined functions. All options can be easily selected from a drop-down lists.

Methods of trading with binary options

Service offers traders a choice to use the five kinds of trade:

  • 1. Contracts of «High - Low» class. Standard and easiest mechanism for binary options trading. Can be used for speculation or to hedge risks. The main purpose is to make profit at the correct determination of the direction of movement of the price of the option.
  • 2. Contracts of «No Touch» class. Conditions of execution of such option is the price of the trading symbol, which should not reach a certain level before the expiry of the contract. Options in this class are divided into two types: «Up» and «Down».
  • 3. Contracts of «One Touch» class. To make a profit the trader should determine the level of prices of the selected trading symbol, which will be reached during a specific period of time. This class also has two types of contracts: «Up» and «Down».
  • 4. Contracts of «In Range» class. Choosing the mechanism of such earnings, the user must determine the range of the cost of an asset that will continue until the expiration of the contract. If the price for a set time go beyond the range, the bid will be unprofitable.
  • 5. Contracts of «Out Range» class. This method of trading is the opposite of class «In Range». For profit is necessary to determine the price gap from which the price of the selected asset will remain outside until the expiration of the contract.

Additional features

At any time the user can view information on current option trades, view the complete trading history, as well as to see the percentage of the positions of other traders.

Trading conditions

The service offers the ideal conditions of work not only for professional traders and novice users who just learn the basics in trading binary options.

For all traders:

  • The minimum deposit amount is reduced to 5 units of the currency in which the account was registered.
  • The profit can be withdrawn immediately, because the minimum amount for the withdrawal is only 1 currency unit.
  • The minimum amount of the bid is only one currency unit, and the time interval for option trade can be set from 5 minutes to 30 hours.

The trading platform provides the ability to make a deal with 40 kinds of assets.


Customers service depending on the instrument can earn up to 80% of the bid amount. Bonus payout may not be below 60%. If bids have been unsuccessful, the trader receives compensation amounting to 15% of the bid amount.

Deposits and withdrawals

To ensure proper functionality and provide users with the most comfortable conditions of deposits and withdrawals, the service provides various ways of money transfer methods.

You can top up your account and withdraw profits by the following methods:

  • 1. By using any of the most common and reliable electronic payment systems.
  • 2. With the help of popular credit/debit cards.
  • 3. Bank Wire transfer.

Requests for financial transactions are processed very quickly. All calculations were carried out for three days. For safety withdrawal is done in the same manner by which the deposit is replenished. If the consumer uses a credit card, the output is only at the same card.

Client's support

The web interface is available in several languages. In order to get an answer to a question, the user can contact support via online chat or email.

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