Web development

What did we do and what do we can do in the web? The list of services is provided below:

  • Creation of design and develop of sites of any kind of complexity on Zend, Yii, CI, Laravel php frameworks
  • Development of highload web applications
  • Development of SOAP web services and REST API
  • Development of software for Forex broker
  • Development of finance processing centers
  • Development of rating sites
  • Development of educational Forex portals
  • Development of Forex analysis portals
  • Development of web applications which allow to generate and manage network of sites satellites on different templates for promotion of your main sites
  • Development and configuring of forum portals
  • Integration of payment methods into your sites
  • Integration of CRM system to work with leads and contacts
  • Integration of project management systems, bugtracking and corporate portals

Also we develop mobile applications for Android and iOS. One of them may be interested both for Forex brokers who want to provide their customers with market analysts and for traders who use the tools for technical and fundamental analysis of Forex market – mobile application of Forex analysis from Claws & Horns.
The mobile app is constantly updated and will best meet the functional of web version.
If you are interested in analytics from Claws & Horns then please contact us and we will do a discount up to 20% on any tariff plan of subscription for you (the value of the discount depends on the length of subscription to the analytics).

Since we are very interested in the financial platform for trading options, we decided to create our own First Binary Option service. He became our first products in this area and we continue to work on improving of binary options service.

Featured products and services

  • Products - Web Forex
    Forex client's area (Trader's cabinet)

    Category: Products - Web Forex

    Secure area for traders, partners and managers

    The Forex broker client area is a secure site where a client can open trading accounts, load and withdraw money, participate in affiliate programs, manage…

    Price: 35000 USD

    Products - Web Forex
    Forex broker site

    Category: Products - Web Forex

    Development of a company's main site on the basis of ready-made components

    A site is part and parcel of any business. Moreover, a good site can yield good profits. We have ready-made solutions which serve as a…

    Price: 15000 USD

  • Services - MetaTrader 4
    White Label service for MetaTrader 4 Terminal

    Category: Services - MetaTrader 4

    Creation of White Label MetaTrader 4 Terminal from LiteForex

    Forex trading terminal (trading platform) is the main tool which is actively used by the stock jobber to carry out a merchandise transaction on the…

    Price: 5500 USD

    Services - MetaTrader 5
    White Label service for MetaTrader 5 Terminal

    Category: Services - MetaTrader 5

    Creation of White Label for MetaTrader 5 Terminal from LiteForex

    It's well known that it has taken MetaQuotes more than 3 years to develop the latest version of a computer trading terminal MetaTrader 5. The…

    Price: 5500 USD

  • Services - MetaTrader 4
    White Label service for MetaTrader 4 Mobile terminal

    Category: Services - MetaTrader 4

    Creation of White Label MetaTrader 4 Mobile Terminal from LiteForex

    Speculative on-line Forex trading carried by virtue of the trading terminal, which is geared towards the functional of a mobile phone (smartphone, PDA), is a…

    Price: 1200 USD/month

    Products - MT4 Plugins

    Category: Products - MT4 Plugins

    MetaTrader 4 plugin used for the imitation of the dealer actions, automatically processing the traders`…

    VirtualDealerEx plugin allows partial or total changing of dealer work on the processing of client trading query to the opening or closing of transactions. The…

    Price: 2000 USD

  • Services - Tech Support
    Service of system administration

    Category: Services - Tech Support

    Remote system administration service for your Company

    Service of system administration includes such services as: Administration of servers running on the base of Unix-systems and Windows Server: analysis of system logs for…

    Price: 2500 USD/month

    Services - SEO & Promotion
    Marketing service: SEO optimization

    Category: Services - SEO & Promotion

    Service of marketing: SEO optimization of your website

    If you need to increase sales, we know how to do this. Over the past few years, the search engine optimization of sites has undergone…

    Price: 4000 USD/month